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A guard dog is useful for a variety of purposes which may include but is not limited to personal protection, property protection, and a guard dog will know when a guest arrives at the door and also alert you.

Consequently, guard dogs have some kind of notoriety. Also, in actuality, the same characteristics that render them formidable protectors also give them fantastic friends.

Nevertheless, in a country like Nigeria, the main reason people get dogs is for protection and safety. Looking for which is the most reliable dog for house security?

We at TBillscanine have conducted extensive study to identify the top guard dogs in Nigeria.

Top 10 Best Guard Dogs in Nigeria

If you’re contemplating which guard dog to have for your house, then look no more. Below is a quick rundown of the top ten guard dogs in the country.

Caucasian Shepherd


The Caucasian Shepherd has been one of Nigeria’s best guard dogs, keeping you safe from possibly dangerous people. Almost every dog lover in Nigeria owns a Caucasian Shepherd.

Do not even overlook these huge dogs’ fluffiness if they detect danger to your home or family members.

If you really have children or other animals, Caucasian Shepherd dogs are an excellent choice since they are affectionate and protective of their family.

However, one disadvantage of this dog is that it rarely accepts children that are not in the family as friends due to it’s aggressive play. Children should avoid playing with them since they are defensive and aggressive.

If you want to have this dog, you need always get one as a puppy and raise it so it can be controlled easily by you.

The Caucasian Shepherd comes in a variety of colors, including grey, white, black, cream, and fawn, and stands between 24 and 35 inches tall on average. When fully mature, it weighs between 110 and 300 pounds.


best guard dogs_rottweiler
best guard dogs_rottweiler

Another popular dog in Nigerian households is the Rottweiler. Its barking may not be as loud as that of the Caucasian Shepherd, but it could still be audible from a great range.

This dog breed called the Rottweiler is intelligent and devoted to its owners. Nonetheless, they must be thoroughly trained because they could be extremely deadly. A non-trained Rottweiler is not only deadly, but also hostile and stubborn.

The expense of keeping a Rottweiler is not prohibitively expensive, and you do not need to spend a fortune on one. In addition, this type of dog is muscular and does not bark for long periods of time.

German shepherd


Another highly effective security dog in Nigeria is really the German shepherd. They’re so loud that they’ll scare away possible intruders and suspicious visitors. The owners of German shepherd dogs are sometimes annoyed and enraged by their pets’ excessive barking.

A German shepherd is commonly mistook for a family pet, and children frequently play alongside them without incident.

You can get this breed of dog from pet dealers and also markets specifically for dogs.

Next on the list of best guard dogs in Nigeria is Boerboels.


best guard dogs_boerboel
best guard dogs_boerboel

Boerboels had been traditionally used to fend off farm animals and defend against wild creatures such as lions. Meanwhile, in recent years, more Nigerians have begun to use Boerboels to protect their homes from potential dangers and uninvited visitors.

Boerboels are known for their strength, power, and stamina, which is why they are often hostile to strangers.

This is one of the best canines to have as a security dog in your home. If you are preparing to get your first dog, it is not a good idea to have a Boerboel in your home.

Doberman pinscher


A Doberman pinscher is a foreign breed of dog. Several people, especially kids frequently refer to this breed of dog as a police dog. And for its menacing appearance and fast-paced talent, it isn’t far from that allegation.

Doberman Pinschers are territorial dogs, which implies they will defend a certain area (your compound) from any potential threat. Their appearance alone will convince you to reconsider your decision not to visit that place or to avoid the guarded residence.

Doberman pinschers are considered to be among the most beautiful dogs due to their ideal body size, which is neither too big nor too little.

French Mastiff

best guard dogs_frenchmastif
best guard dogs_frenchmastif

In general, the French Mastiff is another excellent security dog that can be obtained in Nigeria.

The French Mastiff resembles a Rottweiler in appearance, but they are far larger.

This dog has a large head, larger than most guard dogs you’ll encounter. They get along nicely with kids because, unlike other guard dogs, they are not violent at first.

You can get this foreign breed of dog mostly from international pet dealers and also markets specifically for dogs.

Cane Carso

best guard dogs_cane_corso
best guard dogs_cane_corso

Cane Carso is a good alternative to contemplate if you would like a dependable security dog for your home in Nigeria.

It is commonly referred to be a no-nonsense dog since it will not play with strangers. Their appearance alone is enough to frighten guests and intruders away from your property.

Despite the intimidating looks a French mastiff is an affectionate companion to the entire family.

Tibetan Mastiff

best guard dogs_Tibetan_Mastiff
best guard dogs_Tibetan_Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff is a dog breed from Tibet. The dog is quite popular in Nigeria and a lot of people use it for security purposes.

The Tibetan Mastiff is a detective dog, which means it can tell whether a visitor is there for the wrong reason or not.

Furthermore, anytime they are uncomfortable with a stranger, their barks are always loud and persistent.

These are characteristics that render the Tibetan Mastiff one of the best guard dogs in Nigeria.


best guard dogs_Bull_Mastiff
best guard dogs_Bull_Mastiff

Bulldogs and Mastiffs have been crossed to create these huge, muscular canines. They’re ideally suited for residences with fenced-in yards to avoid conflicts with other animals or people. Bullmastiffs make excellent strolling companions, but you should leave them at home when going for a run.

On the whole, the Bullmastiff is one of the most ideal dogs for your security purposes.

Last Thoughts

Living in Nigeria implies that you will need some kind of security for your house. However, if you get one of the best guard dogs in Nigeria featured in this article, your degree of safety will skyrocket. Regardless of which dog breed you prefer, you may find it in Nigeria. Your safety should be your primary concern, and there’s no better way to demonstrate that than by getting a guard dog.

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