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start a dog business in nigeria

Below is How to Start a Dog Business in Nigeria

Looking forward to starting a dog business in Nigeria? Right off the bat, you should have an idea of what the business entails.
What is meant by dog breeding and what are the processes involved? The process of marrying selected dogs with the goal of maintaining or creating specified attributes and characteristics is known as dog business or dog breeding.
When dogs reproduce without human involvement, natural selection determines the qualities of their progeny, but “dog breeding” can be seen as the artificial selection of dogs, in which canines are purposefully bred by their homeowners.

Overview of Dog Breeding Business

There are several difficult aspects to the dog breeding business, for example. You’ll need to spend meaningful time with your dogs every day as the owner of a breeding business. However, becoming a dog breeder entails even more difficult tasks.
Dog breeders strive to provide well-bred dogs that are suitable for their purpose to families, show dog owners, and even working dog owners. Breeders frequently specialize on a single breed of dog, and they carefully select breeding pairs to ensure that the puppies inherit the best characteristics.
Several dog breeders that focus in show dogs compete with their own dogs as well. Breeders frequently set stringent criteria for vetting potential purchasers. The size of breeding operations varies as well. Some breeders may only have one or two litters each year, whereas larger businesses may have puppies available virtually all of the time.

Cost of Starting a Dog Business in Nigeria

The cost of starting a dog business in Nigeria varies according to your spending plan, but you can establish a low-budget dog business in Nigeria, particularly if a breeder has had dogs’ ideal for breeding stock. A small business can be started for as little as $500 (about ₦250,000), while larger firms with several dogs can cost as much as $15,000 or $20,000 (₦7 – ₦10 million as per the current exchange rate).
In Nigeria, the following are some typical beginning costs for a dog business:

  • Kennels and other property renovations are examples of facility expenses.
  • Supplies and equipment
  • Dog food, veterinary supplies, immunizations, testing, vitamins, supplements, and other items are all available.
  • Stock for breeding
  • Signage

Is Dog Breeding a Profitable Business?

Yeah of course with no, depending on the breeds. In the dog breeding business, execution is more important than the concept.
Ranges of the most Profitable dog breeds in Nigeria:

  • 150k to as high as 2 million Rottweiler
  • 650k to as high as 3 million Tibetan Mastiff
  • 350k to as high as 2.5 million Chow Chow
  • 750k to as high as 2 million Bully

How to begin Breeding Business in Nigeria

Do you want to get started on dog breeding? The following procedures are highlighted

To begin, you need to have the necessary abilities, experience, and education to manage a dog business in Nigeria.
Although a business degree is not a criteria to start a dog business in Nigeria, certain talents and experiences can help the company succeed.
When it comes to launching a breeding business, experience and knowledge of dog breeding are vital. Breeders should be knowledgeable about good breeding procedures, how to care for pregnant dogs, how to recognize and manage labor, and how to care for new puppies.

Draw a Business Plan

Before you start whatever venture, you ought to strategize. A few of your planning would have to include how much you can fund or your business budget, breed types, cost, locations, marketing, and so on.

What’s Your Target Market?
After you’ve written out your dog breeding ideas, you’ll need to figure out who your target market is. Some breeders cater to households (pets), others to the military, hospitals, and police (security), and yet others to sports. ETC
Selling dogs to the military and sports can be very profitable, but it requires a lot of training, either by you (the seller) or by the agencies. The cheapest way is to sell dogs as pets to families, which is a great way to relieve stress.

Choose and Keep a Focused Breed
Looking to start with a common breed tends to make your dog business simple. Dog business in Nigeria is very profitable if you concentrate on the most common breeds. This allows you to network with other dog breeders and buyers.
Here are some popular dog breeds in the country:

Tibetan Mastiff
French Bulldog.
English Bulldog.
Neopolitan Mastiff.
Cane Corso.
Mastiff Bull.
Caucasian Shepherd.
German Shepherd.

Consult a Veterinarian on a Regular Basis
You can work with a veterinarian who will aid you with frequent checkups; checking the health of dogs is a very important thing you should not take lightly.
Making sure they’re healthy and getting extra advice from the doctor will help you avoid a lot of headaches.

Marketing/Advertising Your Breeds
Promoting your breed shouldn’t really be difficult, particularly nowadays that we live in the technology age. You can advertise your breeds on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and whatsapp.
You may develop a website for your company, a mailing list, and get branded, as well as upload high-quality images of your breeds on your status and feeds on a regular basis.

Considerations before Starting a Dog Business in Nigeria.
Before starting a dog company in the country, there are a few things to keep in mind:
Would you be a pet lover? : Countless people get into the dog business due to the obvious profit, however can you handle the stress? To be a successful dog breeder, you must have a strong enthusiasm for dogs.
Do you have time? : I don’t want you to think I’m interrogating you too much; all I want you to know is that being a dog breeder takes a lot of time. A dog breeder is not the same as a dog owner who will leave the dog at home while doing something else. Before you begin, ensure you have enough time to care for those dogs.
What’s your investment? Be sure you have enough money for health, feeding, and canine accessories before starting a dog company.

Prepare your business plan:
You can’t sneak into a business without planning ahead of time. Extract your strategy like a professional; this should help you cut costs, meet your objectives, and open doors for growth.
Wrap Up Beginning a dog breeding business could be a beneficial advantage if you have expertise in breeding dogs and you want to produce quality dogs that improve their breeds. Dog breeding can be a lucrative venture, but it can also be a loss-making or break-even venture. Indeed, as with any activity ranging from beekeeping to aeronautics, the execution is more important than the concept. Dog breeding is a rewarding journey, but it is more of a project in and of itself.

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